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Can I submit more videos in one order?
Can I submit more videos in one order?
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One video edit equals one order, so you should only submit 1 video request per order. However, you can choose all the sizes you need us to resize the video to as well as thumbnails for these videos.

The resized videos will be the same length, but resized for all platforms you need. They will either be resized in full frame or by using your video template design.

If you need a few different length videos from the same video footage, these should be submitted separately. For example, full length video and a teaser would be separate orders.

If you have a long format video and want us to create short snippet videos out of it, these will also need to be submitted separately.

If your videos are really similar and you submit multiple ones per order, your editor can separate them to different orders, thus saving your time when submitting them.

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