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How can I prioritize my orders?
How can I prioritize my orders?
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You can prioritize your orders by adding the priority number to a Priority field either when submitting an order or in your orders queue in Airtable.

You can select the priority for the order to either “1”, “2” or “3”, meaning that “1” order will be edited first, “2” second and “3” third.

Selecting priority when submitting an order in the Order Form:

Adding the priority in Airtable’s order queue:

Only set the priority if you want these orders to be pushed above all others. Orders without the priority will be edited last. If you do not select priority for your orders, your editor will prioritize them based on the date when they were submitted.

If you want to add more priority values to schedule more orders, just let your editor know and these will be added.


When submitting a request in Space, you can select the Priority of the video as First or Last:

Requests with the priority set as "First" will go to the top of the queue, while those that are marked as "Last" will go to the bottom.

Newer requests will fall under already existing "First" priority requests. If you want to prioritize a newer request, just let your editor know or edit your previous requests priority to "Last" and "First" again so it falls below the one you want first:

We are working on making this process smoother so you can either drag your requests in queue or add more priority options. Stay tuned!

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