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Should I batch my video orders or upload them by one?
Should I batch my video orders or upload them by one?
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You can either submit one order or multiple orders. We would suggest submitting your orders in batches, meaning multiple orders at a time. This way more time will be saved in the editing process as your editor can jump onto the next order right after uploading the previous one for review.

Batching your orders will also save you some overall time in the submission process.

You can also duplicate your orders if they are very similar and only a couple of fields need to be changed, thus saving the time and effort to fill the fields that do not change:

For the duplicated order, you will most likely need to change the Video Title, Media Footage, Time Stamps, Priority, etc.

Reminder: Every video request should be submitted as a separate order, but if you describe every video or give a good idea of what you want, you can submit them in batch. Your editor will separate it to different orders to keep track.

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