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Ultimate checklist to an engaging video
Ultimate checklist to an engaging video

5 proven steps that will BOOST your video engagement. 💣

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  • TEASER. How will you start the video?

Remember, in these first seconds the viewer decides whether to give your video their time.

When you SKIP TEASER, it brings less engagement to your video. Think about who your audience is and what they’re struggling with. What topics are important in their lives right now? Use these details to come up with a good teaser for opening during the first few seconds of your video. ⁠⁠

  • BRAND. You need to show your uniqueness (aka branding). Where will you add it?

When you SKIP BRANDING, you lose your uniqueness. Show your logo or write the title of the video!⁠⁠

  • SEGMENTS. How viewers will benefit from your video? Share your knowledge!

  • CALL TO ACTION. CTA is a must for every video. Where will you deliver yours?

If you don't include Call-to-action🔝, you leave your audience without any directions. You can use the CTA to close your video, open your video, or place it in between your segments.

  • ENDING. How will you close your video? New video hint, for instance.

Once your plan is complete, you can record each part separately. There’s no pressure and you can record as many times as you like, and simply re-record the takes that didn’t work. Also, your video editor can correct all your little "failures".⁠⁠ 👻

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