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Explode your video ad using this formula!
Explode your video ad using this formula!
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Creating a WINNING video ad is more than a challenge, it's a GOAL for every digital entrepreneur!⁠

So after a reasonable amount of video ads we’ve watched and made... We noticed, that all video ads are similar in a way, right? So there must be a PATTERN! ⁠

And this FORMULA is all about it!⁠🔝 Ease your headache when thinking about another idea for an ad - use this formula to create an outline for any video ad!⁠

  • HOOK the viewer by asking a painful / problematic question.

What would be your hook? Have your product / service in mind.

  • TEASE with an easy solution to their problem.

What solution can you offer? Do not reveal everything- tease them a little!

  • BENEFIT by showing how your product / service will make them happy.

We have no doubt your intensions are good, but what exactly is the benefit your viewers will receive?

  • SHOW TRUST (social proof, proof that others do it as well).

Has someone else tried / used it? Liked it? Show off a little!

  • ADD CTA.

Just specific one. The exact action you want your viewer to do. Click through action matters! And remember- there only can be one CTA per video!

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