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The right camera placement
The right camera placement
Everything you need to know about the camera placement
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One of the best things about videos is that it really pushes you outside of your COMFORT ZONE.⁠⁠

By saying that we mean that you need to show your face!😏 But that's not enough... make the most of it! One of the things to consider is the angle you should hold/place your phone when filming.⁠
For social media, EYE LEVEL👀 camera position is the most powerful one because viewers feel really engaged with you (just hold the phone or use a tripod when filming). It definitely gives a good feeling in the video!⁠⁠
Make sure you look DIRECTLY into the lens and leave some extra space above your head in case you have to crop or adjust the video!⁠⁠

EYE LEVEL POSITION- presents visual information through a familiar viewpoint. Watch into the lens directly when filming.

SHOTS FROM BELOW- too many ceilings, feeling like the authority of power, instead of looking into clients as your peers.

SHOTS FROM ABOVE- the opposite. It makes you look weaker and less powerful.

BONUS TIP: Posture matters! If you laid back- it might seem you don't care, if you stand- it's easier to stay straight, show gestures etc.

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