How can I upload/send you my footage?
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When creating an editing request, you have the option to choose between uploading files directly or utilizing the Share Link method.

1. Upload Files On The Platform

When initiating the video upload process, you have the flexibility to choose between two user-friendly options. The first method involves selecting your file directly from a folder. Alternatively, you can opt for the simplicity of drag-and-drop functionality.

Navigating Video Options:

Once your video is successfully uploaded, you'll encounter two distinct icons associated with the video file.

- Cloud Icon (Comment):

The first icon resembles a speech bubble or cloud. Clicking on this icon allows you to leave comments directly related to the video. This feature proves invaluable for providing specific instructions, feedback, or any additional information pertinent to the editing request.

- Trash Can Icon (Delete):

The second icon takes the form of a trash can. Clicking on this icon allows you to delete the uploaded video if necessary.

Let's explore the second method for uploading videos, utilizing the Share Link window.

2. Accessing the Share Link Window:

Instead of selecting the Upload File option, click on the Share Link box. This opens up a new window where you can effortlessly share links to your video files.

- Adding Links:

In the Share Link window, click "add a link" at the center. Paste the link to your video, which can be from any cloud service, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, or Facebook. Ensure the videos are public or anyone with the link has editor access. Editors can download public videos using third-party software. Add more links by clicking "add a link" for multiple submissions.

- Managing Links:

Once you've added your links, you have the flexibility to manage them according to your needs:

  • Adding Comments:

    • To provide specific instructions, comments, or context for each video, click on the speech bubble icon. This allows you to attach comments relevant to individual links.

  • Deleting Links:

    • If there's a need to remove a link, click on the minus sign (-) associated with each link.

Once you've added your comments to the videos, you can review them in this section.

By embracing these straightforward methods and leveraging the features available, you'll streamline the process of uploading video files on Space, fostering clear communication and ensuring a hassle-free editing request experience.

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