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In the dynamic world of video editing, the ability to tailor your content to different platforms or purposes is key. This guide will walk you through the process of creating a Multiple Outcomes Request on Space, enabling you to generate various versions of your video for diverse needs.

Accessing Multiple Outcomes:

After completing the video request form, navigate to the end where you'll find the Multiple Outcomes checkbox. Simply toggle the switch to activate this feature, granting you access to a range of choices.

  • Editor's Selection:

Select this option if you prefer to leave the determination of the number and type of outcomes to your editor. This provides flexibility for the editor to make creative decisions based on your content.

  • Customize:

Opt for "customize" if you wish to personally define the outcomes based on your guidelines. This empowers you to have more control over the creative direction of the various video versions.

Customizing Outcomes:

Once in the customization section, the initial outcome produced by the platform is your original video – the main source from which additional versions can stem. Click "add outcome" to initiate the customization process.

Follow the form that appears:

1. Video Type:

Choose from various formats (e.g., IG Reels, TikTok, Vlog) for your different versions.

2. Name:

Give a name to your outcomes, providing clarity on their intended purpose.
3. Total Lenght:

Here you can select the duration of your video.

4. Description:

Add a brief description outlining the specifics of the outcome you're creating.

You can continue adding more outcomes according to your video needs. Once satisfied with your customization, confirm your video editing request by clicking "Submit."

By harnessing the power of Multiple Outcomes Requests on Space, you unlock a world of possibilities to tailor your content for diverse audiences and platforms, fostering a more versatile and impactful video creation experience.

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