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What are timestamps? How do they look? Do I need to submit them?
What are timestamps? How do they look? Do I need to submit them?
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What are timestamps?

Media Footage Timestamps are basically time frames of video clips. In other words, parts of the video footage. For example:

File name_1 | 03:00-07:05

File name_2 | 01:43-04:46

File name_3 | full clip

If you want to use the whole footage from the start to the end, you can just indicate that in the “Media Footage Timestamps” section when submitting the order.

Stutters, sentence retakes, pauses will be removed by default, just tell your editor what you would like to cut out in general.

Do I need to submit them?

Your editor can decide on the cuts themselves in both Scale and Pro plans, but helping them out initially with explaining what you want makes this process much quicker by having less or no revisions needed.

Timestamps, script, notes or a rough video structure you have in mind will help your editor edit your videos faster, hence having a quicker turnaround time as well!

You can check all things you can do to have an even quicker turnaround time than what general estimates suggest here:

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