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How long does it take to edit my video request?

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We have general estimates for videos based on their length for Scale and Pro plans. These estimates are intended as general guidelines. More complex edits will take more time, while simpler requests will take less time. You can also fasten the turnaround time as a client. The final turnaround time will depend on the production team's estimate.

Contact your Editor or Account Manager once a few requests are done. We will be able to give you a more accurate estimate and set the right expectations. If you think that your video complexity is average, general estimates might a good starting point.

General Estimates:

*All estimates are business days and dependent on the scope of a request, complexity or request details. Timelines may vary and are subject to the production team's estimation, but we will deliver your requests as fast as possible, while maintaining the highest quality.

A fully edited video with medium amount of engaging animations and b-roll throughout the video, subtitles, transitions would fall under these general estimates in most cases.

Faster turnaround times than the ones indicated would apply to requests that are short, simple or do not require much editing. These may fall under a quicker turnaround than suggested and you can even get multiple requests edited per day, especially with a Pro plan.

What determines scope or complexity of requests?

There are a lot of reasons why a request could take longer than usual, but the 3 most common reasons are scope, complexity and request details.


The turnaround time may be longer if the length of footage for a request is 5 or more times longer than the final edit, or the footage consists of many different files and/or unselected shots. Or if you are requesting multiple edits in one request.

For example:

  • 10 minute long talking head video from 1 hour and 20 minutes of footage;

  • 15 minute long vlog from 70 different files;

  • 1 minute video ad, 30 second video ad, 15 second video ad from 10 minutes of footage in a single request;

  • Footage per order exceeds plan limits of 50 GB in Scale or 100 GB in Pro plan.


If the video request has many requirements, immense engaging elements such as texts, high level of detail, needs custom animations, footage is shot with cameras that require extensive post-production, needs advanced VFX, heavy SFX, 3D animation, editor needs to find footage and stock on their own and so on.

For example:

  • Music video that has to be creatively cut according to music and needs VFX applied for a number of shots;

  • YouTube video filmed with cameras that require extensive post-production, audio correction and needs extensive animation;

  • Professional video ad with color grading, 3D animation, custom animations;

  • Reel that requires immense stock or video footage searching on editors end.

Request details

When your video request has some out of scope elements, needs additional information, has broken links or corrupted footage.

For example:

  • We inform you that your request is out of scope and wait for your response on suggested workarounds;

  • Awaiting for missing information/content needed to complete your request (missing files, missing branding information, broken links, lack of guides/brief).

You can have a look at our Official Scope Of Service to know what we can do for you and what we can not for your subscription plans.

How can you, as a client, fasten the turnaround time for your requests?

You, as a client, have the power to make the edit less time consuming for the editor, hence having a quicker turnaround time and increasing the chances of getting multiple edits a day.


  • Scheduling a call with your editor before or after the first order and establishing workflow, expectations;

  • Providing detailed request of what you want;

  • Adding timestamps of the longer footage that needs to be cut accordingly. In other words, describing which parts of the footage to use;

  • Telling your editor the sequencing of your video files for the final edit;

  • Organizing your footage based on the sequence you want or by the purpose of the files (for example: main videos - video1, video2, video3, b-roll footage - named comprehensibly, photos of people mentioned - with names, logos - with brand names);

  • Providing only the shots/files that are necessary for the final edit (in cases when there’s an extensive amount of files);

  • Giving time for your editor to adjust to your requests (first week or two may be a bit slower, but once your editor edits a couple of your videos, gets to know what you want, what elements are needed, builds templates and branding for future requests, the editing will speed up for sure! The longer you work with your dedicated editor, the faster your edits will be delivered).

Other FAQs:

Why did my editor exceed the general estimate for the turnaround time?

If your request can not be completed within 1 editing round, it's probably due to the bigger scope or complexity than average. If this is the case, your editor will send you a message to let you know they'll need extra time to finish your request.

Why did you separate my request into multiple requests?

Requests that have a few different video edits may need to be divided into smaller requests. However, when the request or project is extremely large and contains a series of video requests, our team might ask you to separate the request from your end instead.

I was promised X videos per day/week/month, but that is not the case!

We cannot guarantee the turnaround time or the number of videos per business day, week or month. Because there are too many different variables with each video request, client, and editor, it's almost impossible to give an exact turnaround time until we have seen your request and brief/instructions. If turnaround time was ever discussed, it was most likely an estimate.

Estimates change depending on how smoothly your request is processed and if revisions are needed, or if you want another request to be edited first as it has a higher priority. As we edit one video at a time, these factors affect the turnaround time of your requests.

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