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The Scope Of Our Video Editing Services. What kind of requests can we edit? Let’s take a look!
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Video Editing is a wide field and beCreatives is a service that will help you bring your creations to life.

Do you have a clear idea on the videos you are looking forward to get?

If yes, that's great!

If, however, you need any tips, ideas or guidance on what to create for your business – beCreatives has a Creative Director ($399) who will help you with that! This is also a Pro plan feature.

What is the difference between our subscription plans?

Here's a comparison of the scope coverage between our different subscription plans - Scale and Pro.

Scale ($899)

Pro ($1999)

1-2 days


Real-time collaboration with your editor on Slack

Creative Director & Project Manager

Audio engineering

Account Pause

Multiple User Access

1 - These turnaround times are estimates. They can be shorter or longer depending on complexity, scope and details of requests. See full explanation here.

2 - Scale plan has 18 different and customizable templates, but you can also add a Unique Video Template for $199.

Take a look at requests that we support in all of our subscription plans here:


While we can edit a wide field of videos, beCreatives does have a few limitations.

We do not support the following types of requests:

  • We don’t edit wedding films

  • We don't edit feature films

  • We don't edit adult videos

  • We don't edit music videos

  • We don’t do animation only videos & films (like Disney)

  • We don’t do voice-overs, but we do work with the ones that are provided

  • Inappropriate requests that are slanderous, offensive, or anything that is against beCreatives’ core values

Other than that, we’d be glad to take a chance and edit what you need. Challenge is what keeps our business growing!

You can check our video gallery for some examples of different types of videos we have edited. If you don’t find what you need, that doesn’t mean we haven’t edited this kind of content before or that we don’t edit videos like these. You might not find an example because of any reasons of the following: it's paid content, we don't have a permission to share, content is private, videos did not qualify to our standards but that's what client wanted.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’re not sure if we can edit your content! Schedule a call with us here:

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