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What happens to my account when my editor is going on vacation?
What happens to my account when my editor is going on vacation?

A detail explanation about editor vacations

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Everyone needs a break, and so do our editors!

But, there's nothing to be worried about, we have two options for you when your beloved editor wants to take a vacation:

1. Pause your account

If you don't have any content that needs to be edited during the vacation period, the best option is to pause your account, for free!

We will add the number of days your editor will be away to your subscription and you can continue to work where you left off once your editor returns.

If you decide to pause your account, we recommend reviewing all active requests so your editor can finish them before the start of the holiday.

2. Request for a covering editor

If you're on a strict posting schedule and your content needs to be edited daily, we totally understand!

So, to cover all your editing needs, your Account Manager will find you a covering editor who will continue to create awesome videos while your dedicated video editor is relaxing somewhere under a palm tree (at least that's what I would do!)

And don't you worry, the covering editor will have all the design and project files with them, so you will get the same-looking videos as always!

Important note: The covering editor will only work on requests that are newly submitted or haven't been started yet. So, make sure to complete any requests in the review stage before the editor's holiday starts. Otherwise, those requests will be finalized only when your editor returns.

P.S. If you don't respond to your account manager about these two options before the start of your editor's holiday, your account will be automatically paused for the number of days your editor will be away. So please do not forget to check your emails!

P.P.S. Our team also celebrates public holidays! To find out when beCreatives is out of office, check this article here: LINK

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