Registering to Space

In this Article you will get to know how to register to Space and fill out some information for your editor

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Starting work with us is easy!
Go to, sign-up and once you login, select the plan that fits your needs and add-ons that you need.

Fill in your Profile with the contact information:

Then set up Company information:

Company information consists of a couple of fields, starting with the billing information, which will be used for invoice purposes (see an image above).
On the right side of the screen (see an image above) you can see all the beCreatives subscriptions that you currently have and options to add more, or cancel them.

Then just set up your business information, fill in all the fields that you feel will be useful to provide better quality service and click submit when you are done.
You are ready to create brands (or your clients' brands) and submit your first request!

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