Which plan works best for me?
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If you seek engaging, but not particularly complex videos with unlimited orders/revisions, and a fast turnaround โ€“ Scale plan is a great choice for you. Not only will you get consistent content, but it will drive your viewers to take action and watch your videos till the end.

If your videos are more complex, you can still use Scale plan most of the time, however the complexity will impact the turnaround times.

If you need fast turnaround time for complex edits and the quickest turnaround time for regular edits, real-time collaboration with your editor on Slack, same-day turnaround, access to to all beCreatives courses, workshops and webinars and Space Beta features, fewer limitations, along with all Scale features โ€“ Pro plan is what you are looking for!

Ask your editor or account manager about the complexity of your requests and what turnaround times you can expect. After your editor does a few edits, we can tell it with more accuracy.

Now you just need to measure how many videos you will need!

These are general turnaround times if your videos average or lower complexity:

You can calculate how many videos you can expect by looking at the table above. Based on the length of your videos you can see the turnaround time estimates. These turnaround times are for the first version of the video, so there are some points to keep in mind:

  • Turnaround time is also dependent on requests scope, complexity and details. See a full explanation here.

  • With 1 plan, we edit 1 video at a time (once 1 video is delivered for review, we move on to the next order without waiting for your feedback).

  • Re-edits take 24 hours with a Scale plan and up to 24 hours with a Pro plan (the same day if possible)

  • If you selected multiple sizes, all sizes will be uploaded to Space within 24 hours after the video is confirmed.

To increase the number of videos you get per month, simply mix and match these plans. You can double, or triple your plan, upgrade your plan or have a mix of plans. Itโ€™s that simple!

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