Can I change my editor?

In this Article you will get to know about the process of changing your editor

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As we have over a 100 editors, we really have what to choose from. Whenever you subscribe to any of our plans, we look at your information and try to select the best fit at that time.
If something is off, never hesitate to request an editor change. All of our editors are skilled, trained and managed by us, however sometimes what we feel might be a great fit at the start could prove to not be the best fit at the end.

Can I change my editor? Will that change anything?

You can change editors whenever needed, a new editor you are assigned might understand your niche or style better than the initial one. When that happens, you might see improvement in terms of style or even turnaround time.
For example, your new editor might be more skilled in the specifics that you require, they might have more experience in your niche or just have different personality that will fit you better.

So how do I request an editor change?

You can request an editor change directly in Space by clicking on the "Request Editor Change" button or by contacting our support or your account manager directly.

You can reach us via Space chat, email ([email protected]) or by contacting your account manager.

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