How do I cancel my subscription?

In this article you will learn everything about cancelling your subscription with beCreatives

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In order to cancel your subscription with beCreatives, you are required to confirm your identity by logging into Space and fill out the short cancellation form.

Things to keep in mind when cancelling

If you decide to cancel your subscription, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the billing period;

  • You will loose access to Space request platform at the end of the billing period when subscription cancels;

  • You will loose all discounts associated with your subscription;

  • You are not guaranteed to get assigned the same editor when you come back;

  • Any ongoing charges will be collected upon cancelling your subscription.

Cancelling your subscription

You can do this in your Company profile in Space. Locate the subscription that you want to cancel and click on "Cancel" button:

Once you click on "Cancel", you will have to answer a few simple questions, give feedback and once you complete the form, your cancellation will be set automatically.

Your subscription will be active until the end of your billing period and you will not be charged again.

Withdrawing your cancellation request

If you decide to keep your subscription before the end of your billing period, you can press "Reactivate" on your subscription and you will no longer be cancelled:

14-day Satisfaction guarantee

If you are still on your 14-day satisfaction guarantee, our account management team will look into your cancellation request and issue the refund if all the terms are met.
To qualify for a refund, you must:

  • Provide us with clear direction during the editing process;

  • Provide feedback to your editor during the editing process.

For more information, read our terms and conditions here.

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