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Our Operating Hours

Business Days

beCreatives operates on standard business days, ensuring that your projects receive the attention they deserve throughout the workweek. Our editors are dedicated professionals who put their best foot forward to bring your creative visions to life.

Weekends for Editors

To maintain a balanced work-life dynamic for our editors, weekends are designated for them to recharge and rejuvenate. This ensures that they return to work on weekdays refreshed and ready to deliver exceptional results.

Public US Holidays

In alignment with our diverse client base, we have selected public US holidays as days off. This allows us to synchronize our schedules with yours, ensuring smooth communication and project timelines. You can refer to our full beCreatives holiday calendar here.

Our European Editors

Flexible Work Schedule

Many of our editors are based in Europe, bringing a diverse range of talents and expertise to the table. They operate on a flexible work schedule that allows them to accommodate different time zones and client needs effectively.

Availability Window

Rest assured that regardless of time zone differences, our European editors are committed to your projects every single business day. They are reachable and actively working from

4 AM to 1 PM EST, ensuring that your editing needs are addressed promptly.

Ensuring Efficiency Across Time Zones

Never-Ending Editing Cycle

At beCreatives, we operate on a continuous editing cycle. This means that regardless of the time differences, our editors are diligently working on your content every single business day. Whether it's early morning or late evening for you, rest assured that progress is being made on your projects.

Seamless Workflow

Our commitment to efficiency means that time zone disparities do not hinder the progress of your projects. With a dedicated editor working around the clock on business days, you can trust that your videos are in capable hands.


At beCreatives, we strive to provide a seamless and efficient editing experience for our clients worldwide. Our office hours, holiday schedules, and dedicated team of editors ensure that your projects receive the attention and expertise they deserve.

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