How many videos per month will I get?
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The amount of videos per month is dictated by the turnaround time estimates, so it really depends on your plan, length and complexity of your videos.

*All estimates are dependent on the scope of a request, complexity or request details. Timelines may vary and are subject to the production team's estimation, but we will deliver your requests as fast as possible, while maintaining the highest quality.

Complexity differs client by client, so if you want the most accurate estimate we can get, contact your editor or account manager once a few edits are already done. We will be able to tell the estimated turnaround time with more accuracy and set the right expectations.

P.S. We have to remind you that we work with one video at a time, but we move on to the next request in the queue as soon as we deliver one of your requests for a review (without waiting for your feedback). This ensures that you can have more videos edited.

Dedicating and matching a video editor to each client helps us get to know you and provide the right videos with the first version in the long run.

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