What is included in the Pro subscription plan?
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Pro plan is great if you are working on launching your online courses, memberships, need more consistent social media content or if you're an agency. The major advantage of the Pro plan is quick turnaround times, dedicated account manager, access to all beCreatives courses​, unlimited brands and users.

Also, you’ll be added to our SLACK team, so you can contact the manager and the editor asap with some minor adjustments you might need. Or maybe you have a special video in mind and feel that it’d be better to communicate the idea through a video call? GO FOR IT!

PRO plan includes:

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Same day turnaround time*

  • Multiple Reels per day

  • Pro only discounts for additional plans​

  • Real-time collaboration with your editor on Slack

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Access to all beCreatives courses​

  • Access to all beCreatives workshops and webinars​

  • Firsthand access to Space Beta features (coming in 2024: Scheduled posting to social media, Video Analytics, AI content suggestions and more)​

  • Free Stock Videos, Graphics, Audio

  • Content Curation (Deciding on cuts and shots)

  • Up to 60 min long final video edits

  • Unlimited pre-checked English captions

  • Engaging elements (text, pop-ups, lower thirds, b-rolls, transitions, etc.)

  • Cutting out stutters, pauses, sentence retakes

  • Audio correction

  • Multi-camera editing

  • Camera LOG/RAW files editing and color grading

  • Unlimited brand accounts

  • Up to 100GB of raw footage per order

More information about Pro Plan here.

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