When will my video be ready?
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It's really hard to tell an exact number of videos you're going to receive or how long it will take before starting the project. It depends on complexity of requests, your activity and more.

Talk with your editor, account manager to get the most realistic estimates and expectations once a few requests are done. If your requests are average in complexity, our turnaround estimates might be a good starting point until then:

Turnaround time estimates

You can see the turnaround time estimates based on your plan and video length here:

  • These turnaround time estimates are for business days as we do not work on weekends.

  • Turnaround time is also dependent on requests scope, complexity and details. See a full explanation here.

  • With 1 plan, we edit 1 video at a time (once 1 video is delivered for review, we move on to the next order without waiting for your feedback).

  • If you selected multiple sizes, all sizes will be uploaded to Space within 24 hours after the video is confirmed.


  • Scale plan - 24 hours

  • PRO plan - up to 24 hours (same day if possible)

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