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Requests section in Space, request types
Requests section in Space, request types

In this article you will get to know about Requests section in Space as well as how they are separated by their type

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Requests section

In Space platform, below the Dashboard, you will see Requests:

This will be your most useful window, as it shows all information about the status of your videos. The window is split into 5 blocks - Queued, Editing, Delivered, Completed requests and Drafts.

Request types

In the request section, you will see 5 request types: Queued, Editing, Delivered, Completed and Draft.


Queued requests are the ones that are waiting in line. The top has the highest priority, while the bottom has the lowest.


Requests in the Editing section show the requests that are being worked on. Whether it's a new request or a re-edit, it will appear in the Editing stage.


Delivered requests are the ones that are ready to be downloaded by you. You can click on any of them and preview the video, write a message and request a re-edit.

If you are happy with the video, click complete and the request will move to the Completed tab.


Here you can see all the requests that were done. These have all final files uploaded (different sizes you selected, outcomes, caption files, audio files, etc.) that you can download.
P.S. Completed requests can not be requested for a re-edit, so make sure you complete them only when they are good to go. If you run into a situation where this request needs changes, either contact your editor directly, or submit a new request.


In the draft tab, you can create video requests as drafts, which can be used to plan the videos that you will edit with us.

You can schedule videos you will be filming, write scripts, notes, ideas and when you are done filming, just upload the footage and submit them for your editor!

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