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Reviewing requests, revisions in Space
Reviewing requests, revisions in Space

In this article you will get to know everything about reviewing your delivered requests in Space

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When the request is submitted you will see everything that is happening in the Requests section of Space:

You can select a List or a Kanban board to view all your requests.

From here on, when the request is ready for review, click on the request to access our easy to use commenting page:

Here you can leave timestamps and info to your editor of what changes you want to do. Space will automatically track where in the video you've stopped and add this timestamp in the comment if the checkbox is checked (see the image above, checkbox is marked in red).

You can also communicate with the editor about specific changes via Space chat, Slack or jump on a call.

Once You are done reviewing your request, click “Approve " if you are happy with it or “Request Edit” if you want to tweak some elements of it:

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