List view vs Kanban board view

In this article you will see how you can view your requests in Space. We have a list view and a Kanban board.

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Once you view your requests in Space, you can select from 2 views:


In the list view, you can select which columns are visible and only see what is relevant to you.

This view is split to 5 sections: Queued, Editing, Delivered, Completed and Draft.

You can duplicate, edit or view your requests in the Action column. Duplicated requests will be created as drafts and once filled, can be submitted to the Queue.

You can change the priority of your requests in this view by editing your requests and selecting the priority to First or Last.

Kanban board

In the Kanban board view, you will view your requests as cards. There are 4 columns in this view: Queued, Editing, Delivered and Completed.

You can also switch between Active requests and Drafts.

Every requests card will show you request name, main size, editor's comment, when it was last updated and an alert if the request needs your attention.

You can easily change the priority of your requests in this view by simply dragging your request cards up and down.

You can also select a filter to your Kanban board and filter your requests by the status.

Clicking on the three dots on your request will let you view, duplicate, edit or delete the request.

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