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Reviewing Multiple Outcomes Requests, Revisions in Space
Reviewing Multiple Outcomes Requests, Revisions in Space
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When the request is submitted you will see everything that is happening in the Requests section of Space:

Once a Multiple Outcomes request has been created and your editor begins working on it, you'll find it moved to the "Editing" section. Upon completion of one of the outcomes, the main request won't be transferred to the "Delivered" section until all requests are fulfilled. However, even if one outcome is complete, you can still review it and provide feedback for re-editing if needed, or confirm it.

In your dashboard, you can choose to view requests in either "list mode" or through the Kanban board.

Understanding Outcomes:

Adjacent to the name, you'll notice a new feature called "outcomes" with colored bubbles. These bubbles indicate the number of videos in the Queued, Editing, Delivered, and Confirmed phases. Essentially, multiple outcomes requests follow the same rules as regular requests but are like folders containing additional videos. By clicking on them, you can view all requests delivered by the editor.

Reviewing and Providing Feedback:

Upon clicking on the request, a window called "Deliverables" will open. Here, you'll find the exact outcomes that have been delivered for review. You can then decide whether to comment for re-editing or approve them.

Click on each outcome to leave comments for re-editing or approving the video. In the case of re-editing, your editor will be notified and can move the outcome back to the editing phase.

On the right side of the screen, you will find the 'Pending Outcomes' section. Here, you can see all the outcomes of your video that still need to be edited. You can also prioritize and arrange them based on what you need first.

Approved outcomes will be moved to the final green bubble. Once all individual requests are set to "Completed" by the client, editor can move the folder itself to "Completed"

Once You are done reviewing your outcomes, click “Complete " if you are happy with it or “Request Edit” if you want to tweak some elements of it:

By following these steps, you can efficiently review and manage multiple outcomes requests on Space, ensuring that your vision is realized and delivering a seamless editing experience.

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