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How can I submit an order/request?
How can I submit an order/request?
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To submit a request, click on the "Create request" button in the top left of your screen:

Fill out all the information in the request form. Select the video type, title and resolutions that you need.

Select the brand that your video will be made for and upload all the footage and assets that the editor will need. You can upload everything to Space or just add a link to your cloud storage, like Google Drive or Dropbox.

PRO TIP #1: Send us a compressed file (like .zip or .rar), so that the download process is smoother and faster.

If you need a specific runtime, set the length that you want your video to be. Write the description of what you want or attach a script. Add timestamps from the footage if you have a specific idea in mind.

PRO TIP #2: Adding footage timestamps will greatly improve the turnaround times.

Select the type of subtitles that you want and check if you need a progress bar or an end card.

Add examples from your previous videos, the web or our video gallery, of what the video should look like, or just the feel that you want to capture, if needed. If you're adding a few examples, you can specify the features from each example that you've liked.

Select the Priority of the video and click submit and your request will be automatically sent to the editor or save it as a draft for future use.

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