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Never Ending Editing Cycle
What happens to my account when my editor is going on vacation?
Want to join the team?
Refund policy
beCreatives Holiday Calendar 2023
How does this work?
Why didn't I receive onboarding emails?
How can I submit an order/request?
Can I submit more videos in one order?
What kind of videos can I request to edit?
How long does it take to get a video edited?
What is an End Card or End Screen?
Do you work on weekends?
What are timestamps? How do they look? Do I need to submit them?
How long do you keep my files?
Should I batch my video requests or upload them by one?
Can I select the music myself?
What kind of b-rolls can you add?
What is CTA (Call to action)? What should I request as a CTA?
What is a progress line (progress bar)? Do I need it?
Will you share my edited videos (or parts of them) publicly or add them to your video gallery?
Can you add captions without a video script?
Can I use something else other than Space to upload media footage?
Do you edit sound with Adobe Audition?
Can you export videos in 4K? Can video footage be in 4K?
Do you design or create music?
Can video editor clean up the video, hide cuts with zooms in and zoom outs?
Are captions (subtitles) computer-generated or human-generated?
What if my video footage exceeds plan limits of 50GB or 100GB?
Can you send me xml or project files?
Do you add music and sound effects or repair audio?
What engaging elements do you add?
Do you add transitions?
Can you edit multi-cam videos?
Can you cut out stutters, retakes, pauses?
My videos are up to 60 seconds, can they be done quicker?
What software do you use?
Do I get notified about the progress of my orders?
Can the editor send me project files?
Edit of more complex videos
Do my videos need to be in english?
Do you film videos too?
Resizing videos for Facebook and Youtube
Onboarding process steps
Can I change my editor?